"I’m running for office because I believe that this district should have a bigger, bolder say in what matters to all of us. Not only for our district, but for the great state of Kansas."

--Misti Hobbs

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About Candidate Misti Hobbs

Misti and her Family

Misti Dawn Feliciano was born in Wichita on Octoberr 8th, 1975, to Judy and Gene Feliciano. After spending her childhood in the San Francisco Bay area, Misti returned to Wichita and had her son, Devin Air, now age 24, who just graduated from Heartland Welding Academy in Wichita. n 2019, Misti married Davie Hobbs, a recent retiree and disabled veteran with a 22-year-long air force career. In addition to an adoring husband, Misti gained four stepchildren: Jonathan 25, Sonya 23, Ellis 22 (active duty army in Oklahoma), and Davie Jr. 20. In addition, Misti and Davie have three grandchildren, two boys and one girl.

“Life-long learner” describes Misti and her passion for growth. Professionally, Misti is a published childrens’ book illustrator and trained artist as well as a podcaster (dmwatspodcast.com). Misti’s academic achievements include over 110 credit hours in psychology and several FEMA certificates in emergency management. A former member of the American Association of Christian Counselors with certificates in women’s counseling, children and families, and addiction, Misti is currently just a few months from completing her bachelor’s degree in Theology online at Liberty University.

Misti’s heart for helping others is evident in her long history of advocacy and service. Misti has advocated for children with learning disabilities and special needs, assisting fellow parents of children with IEPs or 504 plans, both in Kansas and Massachusetts. As a single mom, Misti rallied other parents to join her in lobbying local businesses to offer family restrooms for the safety and security of many. As a former small business owner herself, Misti understands the importance of listening to the voice of the people and making decisions that are right for many, not just one.

Misti would be honored to earn your vote for Kansas House Representative for District 82 in the general election on November 8th.

Misti's Background

About Kansas House District 82

District 82

Members of the Kansas House of Representatives serve two-year terms and are not subject to term limits. Kansas legislators assume office the second Monday of January after their election. As of the 2020 Census, each member of the Kansas House represented an average of 23,503 residents.

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